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Here for you.  Here for your people.

Bridge Business Resources was created based on three core beliefs that can build a path to success for small and growing businesses.  Let Bridge make your life easier and your employees happier.



At Bridge, we believe that people are the heart of any successful business. When you provide a positive working environment for employees, you can attract the best people.  When you have a team of skilled people who work hard together, you can provide better service to your clients.  With this as the foundation of your business, there is no end to what your company can overcome and achieve.


We understand how important small businesses are.  They are the backbone of our communities.  They support our families, our schools, and countless other events and organizations.  Beyond that, they also provide employees with a job where they are known, where they matter, and where they are cared for.  We believe that people would much rather work for a small business than be a number for a large corporation, but it can be tough to compete with the resources that larger organizations have readily available.




We know firsthand how challenging and overwhelming it can be as a leader in a small business.  You must wear ALL the hats and are often pulled in every direction.  You don't have TIME.  We also know that adding another full-time person to your staff is a big decision and commitment. That's why Bridge was founded. We believe that when small & growing businesses are able to bridge the gaps in the resources they have on staff, they can be more efficient, they can be more focused, and they can provide more to their people and their customers. 

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